Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buzzfeed says...

Pay Your Taxes? These 10 Companies Didn't. [PIC]


  1. Ima Wizer6:06 AM

    Our world is completely backward from what it SHOULD be. I lose hope every now and then.........sigh.

  2. Oh, so true...what went wrong and why doesn't the rest of the world see what we do? Are they blind?

  3. I fear, Steven, that they do see, which is why they use us like the cops on the beat we've insisted on acting like. "Oh, USA?! We've got a little problem here. You guys are supposed to be so moral; come squash it for us, pretty puh-leeze. We wouldn't want to tell the world you failed us when we needed you." They believed our advertising. Meanwhile, back home, so did we.

    If we make those big companies pay up, the ones who base themselves here because they love our tax sieve but buy their employees and raw materials on the cheap international market, are we afraid they'll pull out and stop paying us the big bucks? Help me with this.

  4. I've tried explaining 'multinational corporations' to friends and family for many years and without much success...they want to believe that GE and Standard Oil and all the other familiar names are patriotic to the core.
    As you know, it takes time and effort to keep on top of the 'truth'. Not many Americans have that kind of time or the desire. So the talking heads do their thinking for them. Sad. Did I get off track just then? I'm prone to that these days...