Sunday, May 29, 2011


The story for today is:Golf

When I first read about the Story People, I was interested enough to visit the website. But I was less than thrilled by what I read there. Since the site had good recommendations I decided to sign up for the daily 'Story' to be delivered to my inbox. Truthfully, I would have to say that the first few 'Stories' were just so-so. Then they began to get my attention. Now they're like Cheetos but without the orange crud...

"The first time I played golf, I had the most fun throwing bread to the goldfish in the pro shop. It made as much sense as anything else."


  1. Ha! Hah!!

    Another convert. Welcome to the fold, brother.

    I used to think I wanted to be the person who chose the names of perfumes or military missions or prescription medications. Now, I want to come up with my own stories. I've tried. It's way harder than you'd think.

  2. I know what you mean; I've tried as well and with miserable or no results. It's a gift!