Sunday, June 5, 2011

From Wired 9.12:

The Geek Syndrome

I remember reading this article when it was first published and having an 'Aha!' moment.

Here's a link to the author and more of his work...


  1. Ummm-I dunno. I notice, in researching the latest on autism, that there's now a big push for the functionality explanation (must have once been a valuable adaptation for the species, etc.). And there was something, recently, in...where was that? Scientific American? Can't find it. Anyway, it discussed research that showed--again--that autism takes place in the womb rather than in the genes.

    I think it's too early to arrive at conclusions, especially of the geekish variety. California has the best research in neuroscience and the best state response to autism in terms of services, so it fits that they'll show the highest incidence.

    And here, we get into degrees. Aspergers Syndrome will no longer be a part of the DSM when V comes out; all will be Autism Spectrum Disorders, which will make the Aspergerish among us less willing to sign up. It's too pat to say that ASD is an overdevelopment of the left hemisphere over the right. And it's a stretch to lump the -ish folks like Bill Gates in with the severely disabled.

    Fascinating subject, obviously, and one that's becoming HOT in research. Let's hope the ball doesn't get dropped as state and federal funding dries up. If it does and incidence continues to skyrocket, we should continue to look at environmental causes.

  2. Thanks for your input, Nance. I'm sure it will be many years before it's settled. Longer than I have time to wait around so I will just enjoy the show while I'm here. No matter; I have an answer now for so many of the things (my behavior) that bothered me growing up. I remember that in the middle school years I was put on the AV crew because...that's where I fit!