Monday, June 20, 2011

Party Politics

How Conservatism Lost Touch with Reality - TIME

Now, I rarely read Time news...but this headline caught my eye and I was pleasantly surprised to read an intelligent piece under the Time banner. This short article should be sent to every Congressman and Senator...


  1. A good article. I used to read Mr. Zakariah's columns in Newsweek but I guess he went over to Time after Newsweek merged with Daily Beast.

  2. Wasn't that excellent!? Zakaria is a regular contributor to Time now and I'm enjoying him very much.

    "We need conservative ideas to modernize the U.S. economy and reform American government. But what we have instead are policies that don't reform but just cut and starve government — a strategy that pays little attention to history or best practices from around the world and is based instead on a theory."

    And that theory--this can't be said enough--is Ayn Rand's b.s. and the untried, untested, but ever-touted Austrian school of economics! Good gawd.