Friday, July 8, 2011

Epic. Fail

I've been trying to keep up with the national news and whenever I do, I’m so disappointed by what I read. I sometimes wonder if the behavior of the politicians is calculated to drive away any valid interest in what they’re doing. They defy common sense in their assaults upon one another (and logic). This causes you to shake your head; baffled. So, you turn to the comics where Dilbert’s boss makes more sense than what you just read or heard from your representative. In the voter’s world, these buffoons were elected to do the citizens work. All of the citizens. Not just the Democrats that live in their district or the only the Republicans. They are supposed to work for ALL of us. Fail. Epic fail.
Take the Supreme Court; please. More buffoonery from the right side of that august bench. One; why on earth would anyone think that a corporation should deserve the same status as a person?  Two; their latest failing was their rejection of California’s law that protected minors from violent video games. They did agree that it was wrong for minors to see a bare breast in a video game but it was not wrong for that same minor to torture and kill that same woman as long as she was properly clothed. And Scalia, he with the IQ of a turnip, argued that since children already had access to ‘Hansel and Gretel’, where a witch would cook and eat little children, there was no reason to protect them from video game violence.
I sometime wish there were laws that said I couldn’t insult a Supreme Court judge or a Senator or a Congressman, even a President. (maybe there are? No, the Sedition laws were repealed some time ago) I would gladly go to jail just to proclaim loudly that Scalia and Thomas were devoid of both principle and intelligence. The list of Congresspersons and Senators that deserve the same is far too long to place here in print…but I will, if I need to.
And then there is the President. What happened? No, he is not any of the things that the conservatives call him. But he is certainly not the man I voted for. I can’t count, nor do I wish to recollect the promises he has broken. Yes, I know campaign speech contains promises that sometimes cannot be delivered. But far too many of his campaign promises never made it past the front door of the White House. I will vote for him again. I have to. I will do anything at all to keep a Republican from sitting in the Oval Office. It makes me gag whenever I think of the possibility of that happening. Every time we’ve had a Republican President, the nation has suffered immensely. Not one Republican President of the 20th century was worth a bucket of warm spit. Let’s not even consider that 21st century failure…the one that has caused all of the pain we’re suffering now.

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