Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How time flies

I just read that today is the anniversary of the first landing on the moon. And like all such anniversaries, the memories of what we were doing at that moment come flooding back. We were in Phoenix, Arizona at the time. We were building the new Weinstock's Department store in Scottsdale and our boss had encouraged us to bring our families to Arizona for the duration of the job. He supplied the apartments. We had four families living at a nice apartment complex and since all of our children were close enough in age to really enjoy the Arizona summer...there was a pool, we did most things together. We even had our two month old son with us and the older children competed to baby sit with him.

That night we had all shared dinner and then we watched the television while standing on the balcony and looking at the moon. We kept the door to the apartment open while we ran from balcony to television to balcony again. Finally, we settled on watching the moon from the lawn below while sitting in lawn chairs and looking at a portable TV. Could we see the Lander? We debated that for awhile...and although it was impossible (certainly improbable) we liked to think we saw 'something' that night.

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