Saturday, July 16, 2011


Something is happening. After a full year, plus a month or so, we have movement in the real estate market. Our real estate. We heard last night that a couple that had viewed the house 3 times (in person) have decided to write us an offer today. We already know that we’re losing money on the house, but so are a few million other Americans. We’re in good company.
And we’re already viewing property in Chico. And using the internet to do it. We sit at our desks, back to back, and scan all the listings, pointing out the interesting ones to each other and bookmarking them. Sharing URL’s. It’s so 21st century! Remember how it used to be done? Getting in the realtor’s car and wandering about for a full day and seeing, perhaps, six houses? Hah! I can see that many houses in ten minutes now.
  We’re not going to be sad about moving. We have done the ‘country’ life more than once in our lifetime and although we enjoy the space that comes with it, there are too many negatives for us. The county we hope to leave is so ‘Red’ and so dedicated to the 20th century that we can scarcely breathe. Living in Chico, a town with a state university, will offer us some intellectual oxygen. No, it’s not a perfect city, but it’s about the right size for us. And it seems to have the right temperament.    
Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself here…we haven’t seen the offer yet and it may turn out to be so ridiculous that we will have to turn it down. But something is happening…
More, later on.

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