Thursday, August 11, 2011


I subscribe to the quarterly "Wooden Boat Magazine" not because I own a wooden boat - I don't - but I read it for the sense of peace I get when I view the beautiful photos of hand built boats of all ages, sizes and descriptions. Really. I enter a different world when I open this magazine. All the strife and pain goes away as I'm captured by the beauty... and the daydreams. It's easy to see yourself at the helm or the rudder or even with a paddle in your hand.

I'm not posting here because I get something from the publisher - I don't. I'm just posting this because any alternative to the harsh realities of the day might be welcomed. Daydreams are good for the soul!

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ps I have a plan to build a boat, my first, with my middle grandson. I have the plans for an 8' long Puddle Duck Racer and once we're moved, I will buy the necessary plywood and glue, the screws and the trim and then we will immerse ourselves in the project. I have it planned for a winter 'build' and then when spring rolls around, we'll be able to hoist the sails!


  1. Then you would love the annual Georgetown Boat Show & Fair in the next town south of us. The downtown is built on an inlet off the wide confluence of three rivers, the Waccamaw, Pee Dee, and Black. The most beautiful wooden boats in the world are on display, including some lovely Gar Wood antiques. There are teams that race to build john boats (maybe by the Puddle Duck Racer model; the description sounds right) and then race them across the inlet and back.

    BTW, I am fortunate to have inherited a tiny lady desk built by Gar Wood. It was my desk in my office until I retired and now, Mr. Mature's computer station is there.

    It's nice of you to distract us. I'm supposed to be doing the same for others, but you know how well that went the last day or two.

  2. Gar Wood...what a name in craftsmanship!