Saturday, August 27, 2011

Life in the slow lane...

We are moving. Everywhere I look I see boxes. I open cupboards and they are empty. Drawers are the same. Why on earth did we pack the ice cream scoop? The garage is getting filled close to overflowing with boxes and tubs. The seller of our new home are on track with his end of the bargain and may be out with a few days to spare so that we can rent those days and start moving early. We need every day we can get. But we have the buyers from hell. They have asked for the impossible and for the ridiculous time after time. Their own agent has cautioned them and yet they persevere. Of course, as sellers in a buyers market, we're stuck and have to try and comply with as many of their ridiculous requests as we can. But, they are 'Cash' buyers...and that is their only redeeming feature.
For myself, this is all a very difficult time. Both before and after my surgeries I have been cautioned to not exert myself in any way. Don't pick up more than 10#'s. Don't do this and don't do that. And so I'm stuck watching while my wife and family does the work that I should be doing. I's a male ego thing and I should just get over it. Consider myself lucky. But with close to 71 years of male conditioning behind me, it's not all that easy.


  1. Here I was thinking you were so lucky to have SOLD! I know better than to view things that one-sidedly.

    The older I get, the less sure I am that I can make another move. And the more certain I am that I can't indefinitely keep repairing our older home and forking out money for airfare to visit distant kids.

    As a USAF family, we bought and sold homes in each location. The worst buyer I ever had was in Alaska. She pushed us to get out so she could rent until closing. The day of the closing, after we'd moved to SC and she'd been living in my house for weeks, she decided she'd paid too much and wanted to renegotiate entirely. My husband was tied up, so I had to handle it by phone. Alone. She thought she had us over a barrel

    I told her I'd decided to reject her initial offer. I promised I'd be in Alaska within 24 hours and, if her stuff wasn't out of my house and the entire house as spotless as I'd left it, I'd sue her ass off.

    End of story.

  2. Where do these people come from? I know plenty of people that I would disagree with philosophically. Heck, we might disagree in all sorts of ways...but I know for a fact that they wouldn't behave this way. Can anthropologists explain this? Just curious.