Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From life on peach eater creek:

Class Warfare:

Wally's discourse is well thought out and should be read. I've said much the same thing before but not as well.

I was that union carpenter that Wally speaks of, back in the 60's...we raised a family and bought a starter house. We owned two cars but only because my wife worked a second job at a drive-in theater. (remember those? She was an assistant manager which meant she had to stay and clean up after everyone else was gone) We had affordable health insurance and never spent any undue time worrying about whether or not we might become sick or injured. We never became rich. I would say that we were solidly middle class, paying our bills, our taxes and CONTRIBUTING to the good of the economy.
We're retired now and still not rich. We're still middle class and contributing...less every day as we see our savings and retirement plan losing value because of corporate greed.
This is the point where my personality type betrays me...I become so incensed that I have a hard time being logical and I end up shouting. So I will end this. But, please read what Wally wrote and think about it

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