Friday, October 28, 2011

In the dark

Another free idea...a real money maker! (unless someone else thought of it) Our new home has a nice master bedroom except for one 'glaring' fault. There is only one light switch and it's located by the door that enters into the bedroom from the hall. There is no light switch by the door that enters from the bathroom. This sometimes causes me to traverse the width of the room, in the dark, to find the switch. Occasionally tripping and banging my shins on the furniture! Now, we could ask an electrician to climb into the attic and using a very long drill, bore a hole in the top plate of the framing and then feed a wire down the wall cavity and attach a new switch. We could do that...and spend a lot of money doing it. Or, what if there were a way to attach a wireless communication between the existing switch and a new 'wireless' switch that would easily install within a hole cut into the drywall? I think there's a real possibility there. Just remember where you got the idea. I could use the money...


  1. They make wireless switches. Just replace the original with a receiver switch and the transmitter switch sticks to the wall with double sided tspe.

  2. Darn, Wally! There goes my fortune!

  3. Ah, but at least your shins will applaud you!

    (Pardon that visual.)