Thursday, January 5, 2012

More odds and ends

So here I am in the first few days of the New Year and still trying to get motivated. That’s the same thing I was doing last year or last week. I can report that the garage is slowly evolving into the studio space I want. Unfortunately I do have to include space for the car.
          There’s a members show at the Chico Art Center in February and I really want to have a painting ready for it. But will the studio be ready in time? The last time I had to finish a painting, it was Fall and the temperatures were moderate out on the patio. Not now; it’s in the 30’s in the mornings and low 50’s by afternoon. I really need that studio!
          I’ve been reading a lot. Mostly fiction to keep my mind off of the state of the nation and the world. The two non-fiction epics, 1491 and 1493, were the last serious books read. And great reading!
Before the big move we reduced the size of our library considerably; giving away hundreds of books. But I just looked at the shelf here in the ‘Study’ and I see at least a hundred again. That’s not to mention the half dozen or more from the public library. Why can’t we get rid of some of these books? I just know they will spontaneously multiply if we let them. Like rabbits!
The results are in from Iowa and who won? We all did in a sense as we will no longer have to listen to the likes of Perry and Bachmann. Unfortunately, Jon Huntsman will probably give up the race as well. He is definitely preferable over the likes of the three frontrunners, Romney, Santorum and Paul. Of those three wacko’s, I would like Ron Paul to be the candidate chosen by the GOP. President Obama would win in a landslide! Even if Ron Paul or Santorum force their views onto the official ‘plank’ of the party, President Obama has a win.
I didn’t mention Gingrich. Do I have to? No.
The season of lies is full upon us now. I was listening to the ‘Mitt’ the other day and his attack speech was filled with one lie after another. It’s too bad that PolitiFact isn’t part of television news each night and the lies exposed for all to see.
Oops! I spoke too soon. Perry is back in. You really can’t make up stuff like this.
By the by…I was reading Nance’s blog a few minutes ago and she was writing about, among other things, the Highly Sensitive Person; or HSP. She explains it far better than I but I did take the test and came up with a score of 19 which puts me in the camp of the HSPeople. Or Persons. I was borderline on some of the questions and left them unanswered. (You can take the test here)
Some of the questions resonated with me. For instance; I don’t like loud noise. Any sudden noise will make me jump while those around me remain undisturbed. I don’t like to make or receive calls when anyone else is around. So I don’t. God made the answering machine for a purpose. Television or books; if the action gets nerve wracking I am outta there! I’ll leave the room. Or put the book away, only to approach it cautiously the next time I wish to read it. I’m reading one now and I am reading it three pages at a time! As soon as I feel anxious, down it goes.
Okay, so I’m an INFP Type and a HSP and I have Asperger’s. It all makes sense to me now! But wait…you don’t have Asperger’s as if it were an illness. I may have a cold but I don’t have Asperger’s. It’s just part of who I am. Although, my oldest daughter tells me that I'm simply eccentric. That sounds okay to me as well.

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