Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Quiet, please

I'm still reading Quiet and enjoying it thoroughly. And I've decided to recommend it to our pastor, Steve. Steve is a great guy, very warm and personable. He's also an ENFP where I'm an INFP. Once every three months he has a class for new members and as part of the class, he offers the MBTI Assessment. He is 'licensed' for this just as I am. While we were taking the class, we didn't bother taking the Assessment, as we had done this more than once. This free time gave me a chance to listen to an Extrovert in action. Like all Extroverts, he really didn't know anything about Introversion and simply rattled off the usual data about us. Ho hum.

If I can get him to read the book, I think he may have his eyes opened. Especially since he is big fan of Rick Warren and the Saddleback Mega Church. The author of Quiet, Susan Cain, visited this church and writes about her experience there. If I tell Steve about that chapter I may have him hooked.    


  1. I'm only into the first chapter, but I'm intrigued by that reference to Warren. Hope it doesn't detract from my impression so far. I don't think Cain breaks ground as Aron did, but who doesn't like reading about themselves?

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