Monday, January 9, 2012

What I would like to see...

As the political rhetoric has turned even uglier (and we have month's and month's left in this race) my thoughts turned to PolitiFact, the fact finders for political discourse. They research what has been said and can reach the Truth in a matter of minutes. I've never heard of any PolitiFact decision being overturned. Though some outright lies have been downgraded to 'Pants On Fire', the lowest of the low. And what I really like about PolitiFact is their impartiality; Republican, Democrat or Libertarian, if they lie...they are exposed!
With this great fact checker available, wouldn't it be great, if at a televised news conference, the liars would be expected to defend their lying with facts. Congressman, Senators and Presidents should be forced to do this under penalty of law. Isn't lying by a public official a crime? Well, it should be!


  1. Hay-ull, yes, it should be! And the news would become very stripped down and minimal in a hurry, which would be good for my blood pressure. Grand idea, you ol' Utopian, you.

  2. Yes! The news could contain more 'dog catcher bites dog' stories instead of the junk we are forced to endure now and 'Film at 11!'