Thursday, February 9, 2012

August 1908:

August 1908: Hamburger’s Opens

A little bit of personal history here...back when I was still wearing my tools and a hard hat, I was sent to work on the remodeling of this great old store. It was probably around 1970 and the building was just half a century old. And badly in need of the remodeling work. In an abandoned stairwell we found gas light fixtures and a mountain of pigeon poop. Somewhere in the stairwell was a broken window and all the smart LA pigeons made this their home. The building had a wooden stepped escalator (moving stairway) and the elevators required an operator. Ah! The good old days!

I ran across a website that delvers hundreds upon hundreds of old Los Angeles photos and stories and it appears that although you might take the boy out of LA, you can't take the LA out of the old
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