Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Election

...but first a word about the Supremes. From what I have read, it isn't going well for the Affordable Health Care law as the 'anti-humanity' lawyers serve up the arguments that the majority of the Justices love. You can almost hear Scalia salivating, his mind made up a year ago. Thomas hasn't asked one question as is 'normal' for him. Absolutely mindless and an embarrassment to us all. I think the decision has already been made and this is just another act in the ongoing Supremes drama, similar to the first act...the election of Bush.

All of which brings me to the elections and just how important it is that we elect President Obama for the vital second term. During which, he may have a chance to name another (or two) justices to the Supreme Court. Who knows? One can always hope. Lightning perhaps?

And then there are all of the other races; Senate and House. We need to take back the House and although there is a numerical Democratic party advantage in the would never know it. So it's time to take back the Senate as well...

Even if you disagree with a lot of our President's decisions, it's time to reunite and re-elect. Consider the alternative...

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  1. Amen. We started donating to Obama campaign again. This is a very important election as we will lose one liberal vote next time with a retirement. It's scary to imagine another right winger taking that seat. Every program to help ordinary citizens would be gone.