Thursday, March 29, 2012


Yes, I want the war in Afghanistan to end. To bring our troops home. (where our government will conveniently forget about them...but that's another story; a true one) But the alternative to ending the war is a terrible one. I think it's obvious that the Taliban (an arm of the Pakistan army) will take over just as soon as we leave. Another alliance of Afghanistan/Pakistan will be forged and the Taliban currently in Pakistan will take over that government as well. A government with a stockpile of nuclear weapons. Once that happens, the Saudi's will jump into the nuclear game as they don't want two nations, Syria and Pakistan, to be armed while they aren't. Now what will Israel do when faced with another nuclear enemy, making it a total of three. Israel, just just like Syria, won't reveal that they have a nuclear weapon (s). And Israel has a tendency to act first and think last...

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