Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Our local paper had a political cartoon this morning that got me thinking. The cartoon showed a figure labeled US Taxpayer, putting taxes into a postal box and the money flowing out of the box and into another, labeled General Services Administration Party Fund. Funny? Not really, because the flap over at GSA is just another symptom of our political malaise. Why do employees behave badly? Because their boss's do! Think about it; during the past twelve years we have watched our Congress and Senate do very little for their money. Not that they haven't enjoyed themselves as well...they have! And the past four years have been the worst. The lawmakers have abandoned their jobs and have engaged in a spitting contest that seems to have no end in sight. But they get paid regularly and quite well. And it is their job to be the 'Boss' for hundreds of agencies. They have failed and I can hardly blame the employees at GSA for what happened...they certainly had poor role models.

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