Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What happened?

I'm slightly addicted to Pinterest, the on-line app that let's you post pictures and recipes and just about anything else on the web via your own Pinterest page. Doing this is called 'pinning' and if you see something you like you can 'like' it and/or 're-pin' it to your own page. During the past month or so, I have 'liked' about a dozen photos and those were the ones that were posted by distant family members. I 'repinned' no more than four pictures that I liked. Then, one morning, I 'pinned' the picture you see here. At last count I had 375 'likes'. and numerous 'repins'. I'm baffled... true, it is something I do (kick the ice cube) but I had no idea that there were so many of us!


  1. I've been kicking the ice cubes under the fridge for years. My wife tells me it's a bad thing to do.

  2. I don't think my wife has noticed...or, if she did, she probably just shook her head and left the scene of the crime.