Saturday, June 23, 2012


I was just looking for some images of my other two grandchildren. We had spent some time at their swim meet two weeks ago and I'm certain that I had photos...somewhere. Then I remembered that I had used my smart phone to take the photos and now how do I get those photos from my phone to my computer. And I think I used Instagram. Now that really compounds my problems. I can see the photos on my Instagram folder on my phone, or is the folder somewhere in the depths of Instagram itself?

I used to do programming for a living! Now look at me...I can't find a simple file. But in my defense, Can you imagine the number of images that are out there? I wonder if anyone has ever counted the number of bytes that are stored just for images? Worldwide? And yet, we are still being offered tens of gigabytes for free storage of photos. Each one of us. Amazing!  

Let's take that little further and imagine the number of servers in a huge number of 'Server Farms' scattered all around the globe. And imagine the power needs for those servers! How many power plants are needed to generate that power?

All of this brings me to the number, 200 Giga-ton's. That's the amount of ice, in tons, that is shed annually from the Greenland ice cap. That's the ice that actually raises the level of the sea. So, if I find those photos, I will print them and then delete the files. Just doing my bit for mankind.


  1. You may have noticed that I didn't point out that power plants might have something to do with the ice loss. Far be it for me to start rumors. As we all know, there is absolutely nothing to connect power plants and their emissions to the loss of ice on Greenland. This has happened in the past and is a natural occurrence. Back when our ancestors shared this world with dinosaurs, this was happening. I know because I saw it on the Jetsons and if it's on TV it must be true.