Wednesday, June 6, 2012

same old same old

There's so much to not like about yesterday's election results. We live in a 'Red' county so the fact that the same old miserable Republicans made it back into office was no surprise. The fact that it looks like the additional $1 tax on cigarettes will be defeated makes me angry. Philip Morris and the others of their ilk paid almost $50 million to defeat the tax while supporters were only able to pay about $15 million. And it's the advertising that does the job...sad isn't it? Heaven forbid that a voter might read about an issue; it's so much easier to just let the ads tell you how to vote. That is if they voted at all. Far too many never even bothered. Even the convenience of mail-in ballots doesn't seem to get some people to participate.
The Wisconsin vote will affect us all. It's open season once again on unions. And without unions, quality of work will decline. I saw it happen in the construction trades as non-union workers took over the housing and light commercial work. There is a good article on the fate of unions and just how important they are in this NYT opinion piece..
It going to be a long summer. But I did find some good summer reading, courtesy of the Nameless Cynic. He has the link to McCain's 2008 opposition file on the 'Mittster'.

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