Sunday, August 19, 2012

A quiz

Who was the 43rd President of the United States?

Why don't Republicans remember his name? And all that he did?

Just wondering.


  1. Because they can't win that way!

    They can only win if they keep pushing... wait. What is it that they have? And why is this election so damned close? Obama's analogy of a car driven off a cliff is the best I've heard yet (and this was a couple of years ago), let's NOT give the keys back to those who drove off the cliff in the first place!

  2. they can't afford to remember

  3. we have to make sure they do remember...somehow. I'm going to quiz every republican I know. Good news/bad news, I don't know that many of them but I'll still quiz them.

  4. The spam filter thinks that Left Leaning Lady is spam for some reason. Maybe it was coded by a Republican and it see's 'Left Leaning' and that's enough to kick it out of my inbox.