Saturday, August 11, 2012

Just the other day...

I was watching the Olympics and there was a break for a human interest spot where people (Brits) were being interviewed and asked what they thought about Americans. One lady responded that she was baffled by the American preoccupation with 'God, Government, and Guns'.The first and last items were self explanatory but she did say that 'here in England we expect government to do things for us and it's quite the opposite in America.' So true. But wrong. Government is supposed to work for us. Thomas Jefferson, though I love his intellect, was dead wrong with his opinion that the wisdom of the 'Yeoman farmer' was enough to govern the land. In the America of 1776 the main industry was agriculture that was supported by slaves. There were only a few million Americans to govern, not over 300 million as we have now. We need government and we should be willing to pay for it because it supports us all. We are the government! Do we really want to go back to 1776 and be responsible only for our ourselves? If you do, you should leave; find yourself an island and move to it. Let us get on with the urgent tasks that our government must do to secure our future.

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