Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Chico ER says...

I was reading the local paper this morning and had already finished with the column 'Tell it to the ER', a place where anonymous callers can have their thoughts displayed in print on page 2 of the paper. Naturally, all those with no desire to be identified call in with every kind of lie imaginable. It has always seemed so odd to have such a prominent spot in the paper since you're not allowed to have a 'Letter to the Editor' published anonymously. I moved on to the editorial page and here the editor was raging on about the fact that Senator Reid was not revealing the source for his claim that he had heard that the Mittster had not paid taxes for ten years. The editor was convinced that Reid was lying because he had not named his source, and he used the full content of the column to vilify the Senator. I have a feeling that the editor was silent about the Swiftboating of Kerry and I don't remember this editor getting very upset with the 'birther' folks.

You would hope that the editor would remember some of the lessons from Journalism school and try to remain balanced and neutral while trying to seek out the truth. Nope, not going to happen here...that's how it is in a conservative county within a liberal state.

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