Friday, August 17, 2012


I've been watching and reading the news and I constantly see where Republicans are complaining, loudly, that the Obama campaign is out of control! They talk about the nasty rhetoric that our President uses against the upstanding Mitt. And then I watched a Jon Stewart clip where he reminds the audience, in his oh so subtle way, that the Republicans have an overwhelming edge on the Dem's when it comes to near slander of the President. Do the Dem's have a Rush Limbaugh? How about a Michelle Bachmann type? And there is Sarah Palin with her nasty mouth; the Dem's have no one like that. And how about the Fox network? They can't say 'Fair and Balanced' anymore as every spokesman on the air is trashing the Democrats. Do the Democrats have a TV network to call their own? I know that the Republicans insist that 'The News Media' is left leaning. Oh, if only they were! The news media of today is owned (literally) by the same corporations that are supporting the Right. No reporter wants to rock that boat! and so it goes...the summer and the campaign drone on. But I do feel good about one thing; I donated some money to the Obama campaign. Not a large amount and I may do it again later in the summer. He is gonna need every dollar! There's a dozen billionaires that want to own the Presidency and they are giving plenty to the Mittster.


  1. Good post and right on. I heard Palin saying they had nobody nasty on her side when Stewart reacted with does that lake behind her reflect? He's sure doing a service for our country right now with how he addresses these issues. Maher is back tonight and just in time. For those who don't have HBO, a lot of his clips do show up online through YouTube or its ilk

  2. Glad you gave some! I keep thinking I am going to have an extra $25 at the end of the month, but not so far!

    Excellent advice you are giving. I posted a Facebook "meme" yesterday (no, I don't know what that is exactly) about intelligent the country was to re-elect FDR in 1936 when unemployment still hovered at 10%. It won't convince anyone who has already made up their mind, but I am hoping there are a few wafflers on my Facebook friends list.

  3. I too use Facebook to inform/irritate some of my friends. Odd, but they never have much of a response. I don't think that most Republicans really have their hearts in this election. (fingers crossed)