Saturday, August 18, 2012

What's his name?

Democrats and Progressives (no, they're not the same thing) need to keep Bush's name in the news. He and his policies are the reason for our economic mess. To pretend otherwise is insanity. And our President needs to keep reminding people of that...he needs to say the word 'Bush' in his speeches. No tiptoeing around it. That Republican President threw away a surplus budget and then spent over $3 trillion dollars in the wars he wanted. All while cutting taxes for the wealthy. That can't be debated. And this current candidate and his white bread partner want to use the same tax cutting method while accelerating the growth of the Pentagon war machine. The Reagan/Bush/Romney  'trickle down' method of budgeting has been shown to be a fool's game, as only a fool would believe it works. Why are they telling us it will work this time?

It's obvious that the Republicans know that Bush is their weak spot. He isn't invited to their convention and that's a first! Former Presidents are always invited to speak at their Party conventions. Not this time and that's why Democrats and Progressives need to speak his name every chance they get. He's to blame and he's a Republican. Enough said.

ps don't forget to ask about the tax returns...

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  1. I agree. If you want to see what a vacant expression looks like, ask a conservative voter why the Republican candidates never mention Bush in their speeches. Also, the Republicans told Sarah Palin she can give a speech at the convention but not during prime time. If this election wasn't so serious it would be comical.