Saturday, September 8, 2012

End of the week

We watched the DNC last night by way of our recorder. We were out and about on Thursday, so a recording had to be made. It was great! What else can I say?
I'm no longer a Democrat, having left the Party about 12 years ago because they were becoming the party of the center and I'm a liberal. We lost our fit. But last night I was glad to see that the Democrats had regained some courage. There was no centrist appeal to their message. And the audience in the convention center was fantastic!  Every color of humankind was represented. There were Muslims! They would never have made it past security at that 'other' convention. There were Sikhs with their colorful turbans. They too would have been viewed with suspicion at the RNC.
With the conventions out of the way, the Republicans are unleashing all that money that Romney's 'friends' have promised him. The American public has shown themselves to be gullible and with this flood of money we are looking at the buying of a Presidency and a nation. But why? Why on earth would you want to return to the same failed policies and think they will work this time? Reagan proved it didn't work. So did Bush #1. Then Bush #2 proved it in the most destructive way possible, leaving the country in financial meltdown. Didn't any voter notice that Bush #2 wasn't invited to Tampa nor was his name mentioned? Doesn't that make anyone suspicious? If it doesn't, I give up on the American voter...  

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