Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Inside the brain

I just started reading The Republican Brain; The Science of Why They Deny Science - and Reality by journalist Chris Mooney. So far, so good. It should be explained that Mr. Mooney is writing about the 'brain' of the far right wing, radicalized Republican. In other words, your average Romney follower. 

Although I could never be a Republican; it's simply not in my genes, I do know a lot of very nice Republicans. And I have to wonder what they are thinking as they see this empty suit pretending to be anything that his base wants him to be. The Grand Old Party will never be the same after this election, no matter who wins. The leadership is now exposed for the greedy poltroons that they are. 

Speaking of poltroons...I was thinking that perhaps we could start using some of the old political nicknames for our slate of politicians. How about The Know Nothings? I think it's perfect! It fits for one reason; because they were Republicans!

Although I'm happy to see Willard making all sorts of mistakes these days, I am not certain of victory for the Democrats. The people that want to own this country have more money...and greed than we can imagine. And they aren't afraid to use it.


  1. I want to contradict you on your thoughts for the upcoming election, but I cannot. I can't comprehend how anyone could vote for Romney - there are plenty more poor people than rich! But many will. It's scary!

    However, I do think that I shall start referring to the GOP as The Know Nothings. It is fitting!

  2. Once a Know Nothing Party...always a Know Nothing Party