Monday, September 3, 2012

John Deere

Last night, I was watching a television program that I had stumbled across and it was all about the making of Combines by the John Deere Company. And it showed just how those combines worked for the farmer. Great stuff! Really. And as I watched these huge machines being assembled, I was struck by the fact that robots were being used all over the factory floor in different operations. Now John Deere is a fine All-American company, so nothing was being outsourced, but the humans were slowly being replaced by the non-complaining robots. This same scenario is being played out from coast to coast. I don't know how to solve the problem but I do know that it is growing. In a year or two, we will be our own worst enemy and we won't be able to blame outsourcing for the disappearance of jobs. So what do we do? It might help if industry and our school systems worked hand in hand. Why are we educating children to do work that is disappearing?

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