Saturday, September 1, 2012

Once again

     It's that time of year. I've made it to the age of 72, an age that would have made me snort with laughter when I was 16. Who could possibly be 72 years old? Maybe that old man, Ed Sullivan; he might be 72. At the age of 16, my world vision was quite limited.
     I received a birthday greeting last night from my second cousin who lives in St. Louis. She found me while working on her family tree. I'm sure glad she did! It's nice to have a little more family, even when she's half way across the country. Someday I hope to meet Cece in person...
     We're not going to the gym this morning. We did that yesterday and had a full workout. We've only been going to the gym for about two weeks now but I think I have begun to firm up the stomach once again. Ever since my first surgery, I have put on about 40 pounds. Fear of pain kept me out of the gym until we decided to use the Silver Sneakers free gym membership offered by our AARP supplemental insurance. I had no pain after the first trial workout and so I'm continuing with it until I see 200 pounds on the scale once again.
      I am going to be painting again this morning. I have half a dozen pieces that I'm working on; some in acrylics and some in water soluble oil pastels. I love getting my hands into my work and the oil pastels are perfect for that kind of pleasure. Recently, I had an offer to show my work at a local sports club and I'm going to need more pieces than I have hanging around the house. I have until February to put the show together and that should be enough time.
      I'm trying to avoid framing my work. Frames are the worst! They're expensive and if you make the wrong choice in the frame, it doesn't matter that your art work is stunning, you'll never sell it. I have been using MDF panels that I cover in 2 coats of gesso and then 'frame' them with wood backing. I sand the wood and the edge of the MDF at the same time and leave them unfinished. I like the look. Or, I put a frame that is smaller than the piece and then it looks like the piece is floating on the wall; another nice look.
       We still have smoke in the air from the two fires that are not fully contained. Other than that, it's really just another ordinary day around here. I like it! Now I think I'll go paint for awhile...


  1. I hope your birthday was wonderful!

  2. Thanks! It was wonderful...because I was there for it.