Thursday, October 4, 2012


I'm feeling quite 'wordy' today and so here is another thought, or two, of mine.

Regarding the debate. I was disappointed in Jim Lehrer last night. He let himself be intimidated, or so it seemed. I like Jim Lehrer a lot and it seemed as if he wasn't up to the job. Both candidates should have been sternly reprimanded at one time or another, but Romney deserved it far more often.

But, previously, I said I wasn't watching the debate. And I wasn't. But I was recording it for my wife and she watched after she got home. And so I heard it from the other room. It wasn't pleasant to hear the truth being twisted and tortured by the Republican candidate.

And that business about Mitt getting rid of PBS/NPR funding! What an idiot! The figure that I read was that .012% of the federal budget is used for that funding. Chicken feed. That sure sounds like a personal vendetta on Mitt's part. Actually, he is playing to his base; they hate NPR/PBS with a vengeance. They can't stand to hear true 'fair and balanced' news as opposed to the Fox kind.

I was also offended by the references to the 10th Amendment. If there was ever an Amendment that deserved to be removed from the Constitution, this is it. This is the 21st century and Romney is telling me that if I want the best healthcare or education, that I have to shop around among the various States and then move to the one that best suits my needs. What? And how does that make us a better nation?

I'm a citizen of the world who lives in the United States and within a region of the USA called California. Am I a patriot? Somewhat. I've learned that American Exceptionalism is a lie. I served in the Navy, which is more than most of the draft dodging Republicans can say.

There I go again, getting off topic...I better quit while I can.

Okay. One more thing...Romney threw out the 'best healthcare system in the world' lie once again. Why wasn't he called on it?


  1. I always think of responses to Republican claims during these debates and wonder why Obama didn't answer them to my satisfaction. Of course, I'm sitting in the comfort of my recliner and not under pressure like the President, but, when Romney said that he likes Big Bird and Sesame Street but he's not willing to borrow money from China to fund them, Obama should have said: "Romney is unwilling to borrow from China for Big Bird but he is willing to borrow money from China to give tax breaks to the wealthy, and he's willing to borrow money from China to buld up our armed forces which are already larger than all the other nations of the world combined."

  2. Well stated...I too thought that the President was far too polite. He had plenty of opportunity for a 'zinger' of his own.