Friday, November 2, 2012


The election is looming. I want it to be over. I also fear that the voice of reason, our President, will be silenced. At the same time, I know that if he is re-elected, the Republicans will continue their fierce opposition to everything he tries to pass.

Every Republican candidate, state, county and city, is promising to run things like a business. As if a lack of 'business sense' has been the cause for all that ails the nation. Yet is was 'business' that got us into this mess and it is 'business' that continues to gather more cash for themselves without doing anything to promote new jobs. They are sitting on the gold and waiting to see what happens  That's business.  

Think about it; has there ever been a government that was run, successfully, by using business solutions? Not one exists. If there was one, the Republicans would be pointing to it with glee! "See, this is how we will govern." No matter where, no matter how small or how large, governments cannot be run as a business. That is basic. We should all know this and vote accordingly.

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