Thursday, May 16, 2013

Home again

Just back from a trip to Arizona. Cave Creek to be exact as that is where my sister lives. We spent a week with them. I had hoped to gather some great photos of Saguaro cacti while we were there but most of my images turned out dull and lifeless. The Saguaro are magnificent and there are so many of them! We had been  to Saguaro National Forest many years ago and I presumed that the park was where they were all contained. Not so. They are everywhere. And maybe I can give some life to my images with some careful editing.
We departed from Sacramento International and their new terminal is fantastic. Great art and even great restaurants. It's too bad you have to have an airplane ticket in hand and pass security before you can dine. Nearby residents are out of luck.
Security. I simply numbed myself and made it through without any hassle. In fact they didn't even pat me down as they usually do because of my battery powered spinal implant. For an Aspergian the whole process is very disturbing even without being touched. On the way back, security was being overwhelmed by the crowds and it took much longer to get through. And once more I was ignored. And that's a good thing. Maybe they are used to seeing batteries and wires when they do the body scan?
Arizona's airport, Sky Harbor, is showing its age. Everything is dirty. And at 2 in the PM and on a Tuesday, the crowds were huge. That I didn't expect.
Now we're home and Boo the Magical Cat is happy once more. We left her in our garage (insulated) and had our granddaughter come over once a day to check her food, water and litterbox. I'm sure she was happier in the place where usually sleeps overnight and not in a steel cage.
Getting older. I went to the Dr. today for my pre-op visit before my cataract removal/lens implant surgery. They had to measure my right eye and they also used a 'ocular sonogram'. They place a soft cup like device on your eye and move it all around as the scan the interior of your eye. It wasn't a painful experience, just irritating. 6 hours later and I can still feel some soreness. I have an eye ache.
I've seen all the surgery videos on YouTube and so I am really going to interested as to how it is done with me. I certainly hope I be can awake for the procedure. Watching it all from the 'inside' should be quite an experience.
This surgery will give me, hopefully, near perfect distant vision for my right eye. The left eye is still free of clouding though it is 'pre-cataract'. I will have to wait awhile before I can have that eye corrected. Once it's done I will be free of glasses for the first time since I was 8 years old.
The national news. I've numbed myself from this as well. I know I will have to return to it but not now. I want to rest my mind and do some more painting. I bought a portable watercolor painting kit and I like the way it works. I may take some of those small paintings and develop them on a large canvas.

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