Monday, May 20, 2013

Life in the slow lane...

Another day at the gym. I'm doing okay with it. I get about an hour and a half of mixed cardio and core strength training. Then it's time for an hour in the pool. With weights on my feet. I try to exercise while I float about holding onto my 'noodle'.  It 's all good but nothing changes the pain in my hip and foot. The pain level goes up and down but never away for long. It's depressing at times and although I've taken my Wellbutrin for the day, I'm still depressed about it.

How can I be depressed when I have so many things to be thankful for? Must. Remain. Positive! I must remember that I'm lucky enough to have a pension from the Carpenter's Union and that, along with Social Security will always be there for us. As the deunionization of America continues, I have to wonder what will happen to my grandchildren and their children. Union wages provided an income that drove the economy and provided benefits, health care and retirement, that kept the union member off of the welfare rolls. Now what do we have? The wealth disparity continues to grow. Corporate coffers are filled to the brim with cash and job growth is anemic at best. Why isn't this front page news? Because the news organizations have abandoned their role in society. When was the last time you saw or heard of a first rate exposé? Edward R. Murrow is dead and Bill Moyers can't do it all by himself.

Mel Brooks is going to be celebrated tonight at the Kennedy Center. What a guy! I love everything he has done...and I was listening to a Fresh Air interview with him this morning. He's a genius! I remember his name from the times when he was writing for the Show of Shows with Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca. Karl Reiner. Howard Morris.One night a week of fantastic comedy and I could hardly wait to see it each and every week. Now I have to make sure tonight's show at the Kennedy Center will be recorded. Priceless!

On another note; There's lots of controversy with the new DSM V. I believe it debuts the day after tomorrow. And all those with Asperger's will 'officially' disappear and have to be reclassified with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ignored. Since I never had to use any 'help' , it won't bother me. But those on the spectrum with more apparent autism will not be able to get all the help they might need. Or so I have been lead to believe...time will tell.

We have new living room furniture. Comfortable furniture and not necessarily the latest in style. With a limited number of years left we decided comfort should be our first priority. Yes, it it Lazy Boy but just one piece is a recliner and that's a special small one for my wife. She needs a small chair where her feet can touch the floor. This is one of the first ones we've seen that accommodates her. For myself, I have a modified lounge chair with just one arm so that I can sit and then swivel my legs up onto it.

Something I just read; a snippet from Who Hijacked Our country

Right now the Labor Relations Board doesn’t have enough members to even have quorum.  And Republicans are determined to block any and all nominees to serve on the board, just so they can keep the Labor Relations Board dysfunctional and unable to enforce the laws that protect millions of working people.

Bill Maher said:  “At some point it becomes more about hating Obama than loving our country.”

Michael Moore added:

“No, they hate America.  I think that’s really what it is.  Conservatives and right-wingers, as much as they profess to love this country, they hate it. They hate the government, they hate the people.”

Unfortunately I think Bill Maher and Michael Moore are both right.       Include me as well

okay, it was more than a snippet...and you can't cut and paste from Blogger without dragging the stupid formatting along with it. Dumb Blogger!

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