Monday, June 17, 2013

Books for a buck

My wife and I are proud owners of Kindle Fire HD tablets. We check out ebooks from the local library on a regular basis. We also read the free books found on-line. And so far the price for reading materials has been 0.00 (zero) and I thought that was a good thing. Then, upon the recommendation of my sister, I downloaded the free ebook 'Wool' by Hugh Howey. She was right and I enjoyed it but then I needed to buy a book, another book, if I wanted to continue the series. It was only $.99 for the second one and so I bought it. And the following books as well. All priced at $.99 except for one that required 1 payment of $2.99.?? Still fairly cheap. Then the series ended and I purchased a future book; to be published and delivered to me in August. I was truly well hooked on these books.

It hasn't ended. The author, Hugh Howey, has given permission to other authors, allowing them to use his story settings. Now there are dozens of short stories available that purport to carry the theme forward. Not all do. But they are all priced right at $.99. 

Okay, the Kindle can deliver plenty of free reading material as most public libraries are offering ebooks these days. But beware the 'free' book that hooks you...

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