Wednesday, October 2, 2013

And so it goes...

The second day of the government shutdown and still the retarded tea party types hold John Boehner hostage. And in turn, John holds us all hostage. I understand that there are 30+ t-party fools that would never vote for a clean bill and yet the rest of the house lets them run things. Cowards. All of them. John Boehner especially so. And he will go down in history that way. The coward that refused to do the right thing because it might cost him his job as 'Speaker'.

The Affordable Care Act is the law. The House and Senate passed it. They funded it. The Supreme Court agreed. There are no 'Mulligans' with the law.

Although it is a terrible law; far too weak and certainly a god send to the insurance industry. We deserve a law that gives us single payer health care. Medicare for all of us. The rest of the world has it. Only they have it better. Our health care system has fallen further and further behind with each passing year, all because it is being sucked dry by the insurance industry. We no no longer have a second rate health system, we have a third rate one and it's falling fast.

If you think that the Affordable Care Act is 'socialism' and that Congress is filled with patriots; you are stupid. Too stupid to think beyond the end of your nose. And certainly too stupid to understand what is being said here...


  1. The tea party thinks they are the party of Ronald Reagan. They remember what Reagan said about small government and taxes but are uninterested inwhat he actually did. When the deficits began to grow after his tax cuts Reagan raised taxes. He also doubled the size of the federal government during his tenure. Tea Partiers do not want to hear that

  2. I was having a moment of anger...which leads to poor writing skills. Anger is over and I feel better now.

    It's funny how the T-Party types are starting to abandon Reagan. The more they know about him the less they like him. Still, the majority seem to see him as Saint Ronnie.

    So many Republicans have been abandoned in the dusty pages of history books. The most recent, of course are Bush One and Two. And don't even try mentioning "Ike" to a T-Party type. Hoover, who? And so it goes...