Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My ordinary life

As I reported earlier, my sister has departed and is making her way, slowly, back to Cave Creek, AZ. They are visiting family in SoCal before making their way across the desert. I already miss her. We had some great conversations while she was here and I know we had lots more to talk about.

I have been watching the evening news and it's all about the storms that are hammering the country east of the Rockies. Here we are about to make weather news of our own. The Pineapple Express is in view! This is a series of moist, tropical, storms that will come ashore Wednesday followed by another on Saturday and Sunday. The snow level will be 2,000 feet and hopefully we will see Mt. Lassen cloaked in white when the storm passes. Perhaps there will be even more of these storms on tap...hopes and prayers abound.

With our visitors gone, I had no more excuses and made my way to the gym early yesterday morning. It wasn't as painful as I thought it might be. I spent more time than usual in the pool doing water aerobics. I really enjoy it. I can go back and forth across the pool, doing the various exercises while I let my mind drift to a comfortable place. Soon, I'm not aware of anything but the feel of the warm water flowing past me. Very Zen!

Have I mentioned our Kindle use? Well, both of us have one and my sister and brother-in-law have one. Some evening would find us all engrossed in a book. Four different books. The television would be off and we might spend a few hours this way before the silence would be broken. Our Kindles have become indispensable.

We did put away the Kindle's to watch the Super Bowl. We were fans of the Sea Hawks only because of family history. My mother was born in Seattle. The only football team that I care for at all is the Green Bay Packers. And that is because it's the only team that is owned by ordinary citizens...of Green Bay, WI. Plus, Aaron Rodgers is a native of Chico, CA, the town where I sit typing at this very moment. I guess that's a good a reason as any to be a 'fan'.

It's getting close to our 51st Anniversary and we will probably give each other...a 'Smart' phone. I already have an older one, a Samsung with an Android operating system. My wife wants to give up her clam,shell and buy an Apple 5s and although the thought of buying an Apple product is repugnant to me, I probably will do it. It makes sense, as the rest of the family has already fallen into the Apple trap and they will be able to help her through the first few months of the novice smart phone users trial and tribulations.

Truth be told, I am tempted to join her, just to see what all the Apple hype is about. But that would be surrendering to the enemy?! I'm going to have to look long and hard at the new Android models before making that decision.

When I type up the next post I hope to be looking through a rain streaked window at a fierce rain storm.

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