Thursday, February 6, 2014


Finally! It hasn't been a big storm but it is a beginning. The next storm is expected tomorrow and that one will hang around for 3 or 4 days, dumping 1" to 3" of rain in the valley and ? inches of snow above 5,000'. I just checked the CalTrans cameras around us and I see snow at 4.500'. True, it's not a lot of snow but it's better than no snow. I'm sure my fellow citizens to the east of us would not agree with that last statement.

 I had to include a photo of the the moisture on the street. Big Whoopee!

I went out for coffee and conversation with my daughter; something we try and do every Thursday. After that, my wife and I did some birthday shopping for various family members. Everywhere we went we heard people exclaiming over the rain. Smile everywhere!

Back home and with my shoes off, I have been searching the web for news...nothing specific, just news. Sochi seems to be big news. Surprise? And just like every Olympics since 19??, the naysayers have horror stories to tell. Those who follow the Olympics seem to have selective memories. Beijing, Athens, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, etc, etc. All were predicted to be failures. For myself, it doesn't matter. I stopped being interested in Olympic 'Sports' once I attained an age of reason. I will be watching Season 3 of Downton Abbey. Now there is some entertainment!

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