Saturday, October 11, 2014


I thought I would post some photos here, odds and ends I've collected since we bought the iPhones.

 Twin Lakes in a very dry state...probably 6' down

 My sister on the left and wife on the right as we slowly troll down the lake

 A 5 piece bowl set I made in a pottery class last year

 Collier's Hardware store in downtown Chico...wooden floors and a bit of everything

 My cat, Boo the Magical Cat. In her favorite pose

A crane at work on a new building at Cal State University, Chico. I could sit and watch this work for hours...even days. My memories are so vivid! I can see myself with my steel lunch box and a Stanley thermos. I have my hard hat on as well as safety boots. I will soon be putting a welding hood on as well as welding 'leathers' to keep from being burned by the hot sparks. I'm weighted down by the tools I will need. The crane swings a panels up and over to us. We catch the tag line and pull the panel in close to the building.We use clamps to secure it in place until we are ready to weld it. Using hammers and levers, we move the panel inch by inch  till it's at the correct height and it's plumb and level. Now we weld it into place, an integral part of the building. Darn it! I have to wake up and move on...

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