Friday, November 7, 2014

More to come

Yes, two more years and we will be cheering or crying once again...

The election is over for now and now the pundits have even more to 'pundit' about. All these fresh new liars in Congress and so many lies to write about! Well, I'm not a pundit, just an ordinary independent voter. Being independent is the best! You can't blame me for anything. And about 20% of California voters are registered as independent, making California one of the smartest states in the nation. Looking at the election results, we have made progress in California by eliminating felony sentencing for drug offenses. Putting these people in prison made no sense and only harmed our society. No other state has done this and we lead the way once again.

I live in a bright 'Red' county and city, so it's only natural that local election results were not to my liking. The conservative winners for city council promised more jobs and more police protection as well as lower taxes. Of course none of them would give a statement describing just how they were going to attract new business or how to pay for a police force that is already paid in the top 25% of the state. Most policemen here make over $100,000 a year in salary and benefits. The last police chief makes $200,00 in retirement! The firemen make even more. Just off the top of my head, I would think that lowering taxes would be problematic at best, a disaster at worst.But these are Tea Party stalwarts and I'm sure they won't back down from their promise to lower taxes.

The local independent press, the one that conservatives hate; has an article about the latest demon capitalist; Jeff Bezos and his weapon of destruction; Amazon. The article was written by Jim Hightower and Mr. Hightower does have a reputation for playing fast and loose with the facts. Don't get me wrong, I get his newsletter and thoroughly enjoy it. He skewers people that deserve skewering. (is that a word?) Anyway, I had some problems with the article as I am a fan of Amazon and always have been. And I'm sure Jeff Bezos is a terrible person to work for. Which is why I wonder why the people continue to do so? Why don't they form a union and use that power to get what they want? Jim Hightower says that union busters are employed by Amazon to keep the employees from organizing. Mother Jones must be spinning in her grave to hear that workers are afraid to organize. (Google Mother Jones) There is no law against organizing as a union. Mr. Chavez ignored the threats and formed the United Farm Workers. He is honored today with a day of rest in recognition of his efforts.

No, I can't become angry with Amazon because of the way the employees are treated when the solution is simple. Stop coming to work for as long as it takes. Imagine what happens when Prime customers don't get their packages within two days. A work stoppage would change the way Mr. Bezos sees his employees.

Yes, it would require great sacrifice on the part of the employees. The history of the labor movement reveals just how dangerous it is to confront power. But the people who made that history, persevered and it's high time that others take up the good fight once again. This country needs it to happen.

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