Monday, February 2, 2015


The new computer continues to frustrate me. I know it's only a matter of time before I succumb to Apple logic and then it will become easier. I've already figured out some keyboard shortcuts and that helps. I'm also learning how to move music files from my backup drives and into iMusic. Since most of my music is from a different and much older era I have found that Apple has no way to put it onto the iCloud unless I convert it to a new format first. Since I now have about 22,000 songs, I can see that this may take some time. I am thinking seriously about just leaving the music on the backup drives and accessing them now and then.

Don't get the wrong idea, I didn't steal this music. It all came from the Usenet, a file sharing news group and the stuff I downloaded was way past its prime and had no 'owners'. The more current music came from my own CD's where I ripped the tracks and added them. I know there are some that say that it is illegal to take music off of a CD, even your own CD. I have a problem with that logic and I rip without troubling my conscience. My music.

Another frustration for me is Pages, Apple's word processing program. I have a lot of MS Word doc's and I heard that Pages would read the files and open them with ease. And Pages does that. It also changes all of my fonts and erases all of my built-in HTML links. I had HTML links in the documents so that I could move easily from one section to another. But, Pages does have some neat stuff and one trick I want to try is voice supported typing. Just say it! Though, I will have to be alone in the house when I do. It just feels weird to be in a conversation with a computer. Or any other inanimate object.

The Super Bowl is over and the team I favored has lost. Not the end of the world. Truth be told, I felt guilty just watching this NFL spectacle and adding a fraction of a penny to their coffers. I hope this is the year when we will see the NFL lose their tax exempt status. They have been robbing a gullible public for years. Buy an overpriced Sea Hawks ball cap and the NFL makes money. Tell me why they shouldn't pay a tax on that profit? Below is a link to an interesting article I read yesterday...just in time for the spectacle.

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