Sunday, February 22, 2015


My training paid off. Today I walked the first 5K race since I had my back surgeries, 6 and 7 years ago. And with a recent diagnosis of COPD.

I did it in 45 minutes plus which worked out to 14 minute miles. I was hoping to make  15 minute miles and I was not certain that it could done. I had all kinds of negative thoughts before the start and then all my old training came back. I couldn't do a good race walking form because I can't move my hip as freely as I once did. But I did remember to shorten my stride and concentrate on turn overs; the number of times your foot hits the ground. If I could keep it at 70 a minute I would be doing well. And I did. I kept my head down and never faltered. the finish I had a plan of making a final effort  and speeding through the finish area. Nope. The tank was dry...

But, I was right in the middle of the pack when it came to finishing times. And those numbers included runners and walkers; I passed a number of runners who were not prepared for the distance. And it looked good to see my name among all the younger contestants and showing a 14/minute mile pace at age 74.

Right now the adrenaline is still circulating in my system and I feel no pain. But tomorrow could be a different story...

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  1. I write an aging blog and I loved this post that is really a "how to" post on going with the flow. Thanks. You have inspired me.