Monday, March 23, 2015

Keeping up with the times

I will be 75 in September and apropos of that I was looking at some photos (of me) that my daughter took just the other day. Yikes! I'm an old man!

I don't feel like an old man. Well, maybe slightly. I'm sitting on my chaise while I type this because my hip pain has returned with a vengeance. Mentally, I think I'm young. If not young, certainly not as old as the guy in the photo.  

One reason that I think I'm young mentally is that I embrace technology. I'm sitting here with an Apple MacBook Pro on my lap. I just wirelessly printed a chicken cacciatore recipe and heard the printer spring into action in the other room. My iPhone is charging its battery right now. My Kindle was used at the gym this morning while I was waiting for the swim time. During my workouts I have a Sansa Clip to deliver music or podcasts to my headphones. I downloaded the above photos from my daughters Facebook account and then cropped and edited them before posting here.

Okay, so what? Millions of elders do the same thing and more every day. But some important people don't do any of the above and are quite proud of the fact. Of course they are Republican lawmakers; Senators McCain, Lindsey Graham, Pat Roberts, Richard Shelby, Orrin Hatch, Chuck Shumer and probably a dozen more that were sufficiently ashamed and didn't reveal their stupidity to the press.

These are the people that make hard decisions about everything under the sun and they can't even email someone? This is the the 21st Century and they are stuck in the 20th...or 19th. The fact that they are acknowledged Luddites should be enough to have them run out of office.The question is; what else don't they know?

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