Monday, May 18, 2015

It's been awhile

It has been close to a month since the last time I posted here and during that time I have visited with my new neurologist - new to me -and found him to have great skill in developing a good patient/doctor relationship. I like him. He has a clinical psychologist in his office and she assured me that my memory problems were absolutely normal for my age and I didn't need to worry about dementia or Alzheimer's. I will be seeing him again in a few weeks to find out the results from the blood tests he had ordered for me.

In the meantime I have been going to the rehab center where a physical therapist pummels me into submission each time we meet. He says he's loosening up my hip. I hope it works!

I completed a 5K walk a few weeks ago and got my t-shirt. Did it 1:10 faster than the last one. And I didn't fall over; a good thing. The balance problems don't seem to strike when I'm walking somewhat straight. It's only when I turn my head quickly. So, I didn't look back to see who was close to me as the finish line came into sight.

The local art center, where I meet with 8 other artists on Tuesdays, puts out a newsletter every month and each issue spotlights a local artist. The next months issue will feature me and my art. Another local artist came over to interview me and take photos of my work for the newsletter. I think I'm the first featured artist that is an abstract expressionist.

Memories; Mrs. Burt, my seventh grade teacher at Pacific Ave. school in Manhattan Beach. She was flamboyant to say the least. She wore red dresses and bright red lipstick. Her hair was long and black and she loved life; it was so evident! She was also my salvation. She recognized that I was quite bored with class work. I really did "know it all" and was tired of having to listen to lessons about things I already knew about. So she rescued me by having me become the school AV expert and I would go from class to class and setup the projector and the screen and then show movies. Once the film was running, I could step outside the classroom and read the books I enjoyed. Then she made me  a 'Hall Monitor'; a position that allowed me to be outside the classroom for at least 15 minutes for each period. But the best thing she did for me was to plant the seed of 'Art' within me. She showed me that beautiful art could be found anywhere and everywhere. There were no limits as far as she was concerned. Art did not have to be on a canvas and hung in a museum.

It took me a long time but now I get to 'make art' just as she showed me so many years ago.

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