Thursday, June 4, 2015


I've been having some balance problems lately and that's one of the reasons I've spent some hours at Enloe Rehab. My balance problems have been minor so far, a stutter step to keep myself from falling and I'm fine. I might turn my head and have to correct my balance. No big thing but I remember when my Nana fell and broke her hip and I don't want that to happen. A strong and vibrant woman was dead within a few months.

They have a balance lab at the center and I had my first appointment last afternoon. After a 'dizzying' round  of simple tests I was put into the Balance Machine, a computer driven device to measure your balance in varying conditions. You have to put a safety harness on that connects you to a support above you; this keeps you from falling out onto the floor. Just in case, mind you. I climbed in and went through 4 tests and repeated them once more. I didn't fall out and the computer generated a printout of my activities. I'm below average for my age as far as balance goes. But...I now have been given exercises to strengthen my balance. And all of this wonderful help comes from Medicare (and my insurance to pick up where Medicare leaves off). This is what every citizen should have; help when needed. No insurance and you fell and broke your hip? You have no insurance? Now the state picks up the very expensive tab when preventive help could have saved this person.

Tomorrow I go to see my neurologist for further input on my Mononeuropathy. I'm just guessing but I think it's the compression I see on the nerve as it exits the spinal column at L5. And that would require surgery to correct it. I really don't want to do that again. And I think I can live with it for awhile yet.

There's a severe thunderstorm brewing and moving toward us. I'm using Weather Underground and the Wunder map to watch the size and movement. It says 'rain in 5 minutes'. There are some drops on the windows but not enough to wash the car. Okay! big drops now and the windows are covered with them. The window we had cleaned for us about two weeks ago. Now we hear thunder and I saw some lightning. Now that we live in the new California desert we are fascinated by any water falling from the sky.

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