Thursday, July 9, 2015

Art for Arts Sake

I have a canvas. I have paint. I have brushes and other tools. So where's the art? It's still locked up in my head. Why does that happen? I wish I knew.
     I have 8 canvases all prepped and ready but still not a creative mark on any of them. I wrote about art back on the 4th and so far that's all I've done; write about it. So, I guess I will go to the art supply store and see if some new material or brush or? will stir the creative juices.

Surprise! It rained here last night. It wasn't much as it only lasted for ten or fifteen minutes. But it was a solid downpour and was soaked up immediately by every thirsty plant. Now it's a chilly morning which is very odd for July.

I understand that there are or soon will be 16 Republicans running for President. It's so tempting to write about them but I won't. That's not a strict promise as the temptation may grow to a point where I can no longer restrain myself.

I was dismissed from the balance program at the rehab center as my balance has improved. And I'm back to the gym and doing the full exercise bit. I really missed it. I had a routine and we all know how seniors love routine. The older I become the more comforting the 'routine' becomes. That can become deadly.

Our recent trip to the Oregon coast was out of our comfort zone and it has done great things for me. I want to do more trips. They don't have to be 2 weeks of travel; just a long weekend would be great. Using AirBnB to book a place is cheap and easy. I even found a motor home parked on the shores of Bridgeport Reservoir for $65 a night. Good fishing!

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