Saturday, July 11, 2015

Oregon memories

 You can't have a trip to Oregon without taking some pictures. And so I did. About 300 of them; which I have culled out about half. Here are 6 of them. These are in no particular order... that's the beach at Manzanita Oregon at a low tide.

 Food pictures seem to be all the rage and I have included some. This is my breakfast at the Big Wave Cafe in Manzanita. That's a prime rib hash with two eggs over easy...delicious! We ate dinner at the Big Wave the night before and were so impressed by the food and service that we had to try breakfast. That was a good decision.

 This is a view of the rock formation that stands close to the harbor at Trinidad Oregon. We had lunch in a restaurant that had this view as well as a view of the long pier. Good clam chowder. In fact, we had clam chowder in half a dozen places and they were all good...all different but all good.

 A view from one end of the deck at the house in Manzanita. This was an exceptional house and the view was any direction. We were about 1/4 mile above the beach and we could clearly hear the waves breaking on the shore below.

 This is the beach at Bandon Oregon. The fog bank seen just offshore would come in briefly and then retreat. Only to repeat this many times during the day. Only at night would the fog remain onshore.

A view from the front porch at the Bandon house. The ocean is just 50 years away, over the low rise you see here. Yes, we could hear the waves at night.

This house, like the others, was in a Tsunami danger zone and there was a Tsunami evacuation route at the end of the street. It was a steep walk up that street but it would take you to the bluff above the beach and to safety. The local library on the bluff was the Tsunami gathering place.

The people seem to take the tsunami warnings seriously. A good thing!

If I didn't tell you already, Manzanita Oregon is a favorite of mine. I could have easily spent two weeks in that house and never have gone to the other two.

We learned some lessons about vacation rentals and we will definitely do it again armed with that knowledge.  We will make certain that the house doesn't have stairs. Two of the three did have stairs and it was a real chore getting suitcases and ourselves up and down them. We also need to make sure we know all about the neighborhood; the apartment we rented in Florence was located just across the street from a cheap chain restaurant and we listened to a lot of midnight rumblings of Harley's gathered in the parking lot. Also, we need to read all of the reviews; both good and bad.

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