Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Posterior Vitreous Displacement...that was the diagnosis of my eye surgeon. And not to worry. He did a thorough exam yesterday and did not find a retinal tear. He will exam my eye once more in a months time, just to be certain. And from all I've read, almost everyone has this happen to them as they age. The kicker is that most people never even know it happened. They don't see the black cobweb and black dots that cover your vision. They don't see the sparkling meteors that streak across the periphery of your vision. A lucky few get to see all of the above and become terrified. I was.

He told me that the floaters and cobwebs will clear up over time and the flashes of light will cease as well. He was right, as this morning I can see far better than yesterday. I still find the cobweb, a faded cobweb, floating back across my vision just as I need to see something clearly and that is irritating. But considering the alternatives, I don't mind that much...

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