Thursday, July 23, 2015

'Throw Back Thursday'

I don't know how it started, but in our loose circle of Facebook Friends, there is a weekly event where you post old photos of yourself  or others and it's called Throw Back Thursday. Naturally, you do this on a Thursday...but if you forget, you can always post on Flashback Fridays. Of course.

I was looking through some old photos I had scanned; Kodak Kodachromes. The colors are still great after all these years; sixty six of them to be exact.

The first  photo is of myself and my older sister, plus a puppy and a Boxer named Butch. We are standing in front of our house on Center Street in Manhattan Beach. This house, known always as the 'Brick House' was probably the only brick house in town. It also contained a rarity; a basement. The basement is where my mother had the washing machine and we could talk to her when she was doing the washing by opening the door to the pantry in the kitchen above. There was a screen at the bottom of the pantry that allowed cool air from the basement to keep the potatoes and onions and such at the right temperature.  

You may notice in this photo that I am bare footed. And that I am wearing jeans with long cuffs rolled up. That was pretty much the norm in that town. The holster that I am sporting was what most 9 year olds would be wearing.

The brick house is long gone and Center Street is now named Manhattan Beach Blvd. I presume that the pig farmer that lived behind us at that time has moved on as well.

This second photo shows my older sister, Julie, and my younger sister, Kitty, as they try on Hibiscus hair ornaments. My mother made the matching dresses for them.

The last photo is of my sister Kitty and me. You can see the rolled up cuffs quite clearly here.

Sadly, my sister Julie passed away about 10 years ago. Kitty and I get together as often as we can, though distance keeps us from seeing each other as often as we wish. She lives in AZ and we're in Norcal. We just came back from a shared two week vacation on the Oregon coast and we recalled many memories during that trip. We'll do something like that again in six months or a year from now.

I can't get over how rich and clear the Kodachrome photos are. I scanned them from slides so that may be the secret...

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