Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I'm back from my appointment with my pain doctor. I received an injection of corticosteroids right in the left side of the SI joint...that's where the ouch! comes from. She guides the needle in using ultrasound to visualize the joint. I've already had one of these injection before; one for the right side of the SI joint, back in April. This is the fourth injection I've had from this doctor and I think she is simply the very best. She is very sympathetic and listens carefully to everything you say. She is also very professional, using the latest equipment and techniques. If this injection is going to stop the pain it may take up to two weeks before it does. I'm eager for the pain to go away as I've been using far too much Norco to cancel the pain.

Oh, to be 25 again! But...I'm gaining on 75. sigh.

Odd, but I keep thinking that I have already posted something about these injections but I can't find any so I guess my memory is faulty. Again.

Our solar project is almost complete. The electricians finished everything  except for the breaker switch and he will install that tomorrow. He has already called for the inspector and if he gets the go-ahead, he will notify the power company and they could be out here by the first of the week to make the switch from expensive to cheap.

The invertor hangs on the garage wall and is equipped with a network connection so that I can see a graphic image of the performance on my computer or even my iPhone. The invertor, or convertor if you wish, turns solar DC power into household ready AC power. If Thomas Edison had been successful in pushing his DC power we would not need this invertor./convertor. But Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse were the winners...well, Westinghouse was successful; he bought all 40 of Tesla's DC power patents. But Tesla lives on as the name of the most spectacular electrically powered car ever built. So far...

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